Welcome to a different kind of online community

Every student belongs

We created a different kind of student community: an online space that has a fun, feel-good side and a substantial, supportive side. GetSet creates a deep sense of belonging as our recommendation engine helps students find whatever they're looking for: advice, support, or even a community of classmates who are like them.

Along the way, we employ research based methods for fostering growth mindset, resilience, grit, and self regulations to set all students up for success, regardless of their circumstances.

Examples of student activity on the GetSet Student Community, including a post titled, "This time next year," notifications about new comments and likes on a post, and a student profile, with a photo, bio, and invitation to follow the student.
  • A powerful metacognitive skill development framework is at the heart of our community, influencing students to model themselves after successful peers and strengthening their resilience.

  • Your GetSet Student Community can be private or global. In a private community, students only have access to the posts and comments from students at their school. The Global Community provides more opportunities to learn by connecting with students across the country.

  • GetSet fosters engagement and connections with game mechanics. These motivational techniques fulfill essential human desires like achievement, recognition, self expression, competition, purpose, and altruism.

  • I love being on social media to gain laughter, but it seems like it just brings negativity more. So I am dedicating myself to GetSet instead. I see more positivity here than other social sites.

  • THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. I cannot believe how positive this getset platform has turned out for me. You all motivate me.

  • I am touched by a lot of the stories and posts I have read and it motivates me even more. Thank you all for sharing such personal thoughts, personal experiences and honesty.

Content monitoring

Our forward thinking, secure technology monitors and manages potential safety risks.

An example of GetSet's content monitoring feature, which had flagged a post containing the word, "anxiety." This image shows the a student post with the word, "anxiety," highlighted, and the corresponding alert message regarding the post.
  • We automatically filter out harmful and hateful language. You’ll receive instant alerts when students try to use restricted language—including how it was used and information about the author.

  • Add terms to your “watch list” at any time. Customize terms you’d like to keep an eye on and we’ll make sure you know everytime a student mentions them.

Research based methods

We employ research based methods for fostering growth mindset, resilience, grit, and self-regulation to set all students up for success, regardless of their circumstances.

  • Peer behavior modeling at scale. Modeling the successful behavior of relatable peers fosters a sense of belonging and academic tenacity. Thousands of success stories give your students the knowledge that they, too, can conquer the obstacles that lie between them and graduation.

  • GetSet develops your students' tenacity. We guide them to focus on effort and hard work through daily prompts developed in collaboration with behavioral psychology professionals. Techniques like reflection foster agency and draw students into empowering conversations.

  • Our recommendation engine brings students together. We’ll suggest peer connections so everyone gets the support they’re seeking. Whether they need better time management, support in tough classes, or LGBTQ resources, they’ll know they belong here.

  • Authentic conversations. Real connections. On GetSet, students find something that many have never had: an invitation to share their experiences, priorities, and aspirations with a community of peers who want to hear their voice. Students open up in an ever evolving conversation about what matters to them and their school community right now.