InfluenceTM - student behavior at scale

Automated, personalized, and at scale

Influence, our automated peer support engine, strategically connects students with powerful peer stories on the topic of your choice.

An example Influence intervention with callouts showing how an event triggered the intervention, and how the Influence engine personalizes each intervention message and delivers them to individual students.
  • An event—such as exam week—triggers Influence to send interventions.

  • The Influence social learning engine matches students with the most impactful story for them.

  • Your students see these powerful stories wherever they are, delivered on mobile or desktop—no login required.

Join a student’s sphere of influence

  • Prevent setbacks before they occur. Right before common stress points, like midterms, class registration, and finals, we guide students toward the right course of action to avoid poor outcomes.

  • Personalized messages from trusted peers. Our algorithm micro-targets stories based on each student's individual characteristics and preferences, so they always hear from a relatable peer.

  • Powerful peer support at scale. Influence amplifies each student’s success story by sharing it with students who need to hear it, creating a ripple effect that supplements limited faculty and advising resources.

  • Increase usage of your existing resources. Let students hear about the value of your school’s tutoring center, advising center, or financial aid office from the people they trust most—their peers.